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Author Bios: Doug Osborne

A decorated mathlete in high school, Doug Osborne hated writing so much that he failed to graduate with his class in 2000. Ten years later, Doug could finally realize his full potential after being diagnosed with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. Doug then built a distinguished career as a software engineer and leading expert in the field of Electronic Discovery before depression grounded his life to a halt in 2016.

Due to his depression and other diagnoses, Osborne went on Social Security Disability Insurance in 2018. In 2021, Doug decided to stop being disabled and began his mission of getting a job and going off disability. In 2022, he hung a banner outside his house to “remind me to keep fighting no matter how many times I get knocked down and feel like quitting.” In 2023, he wrote an inspirational memoir about his banner and mission.

Doug Osborne Does Not Quit is named after the words on Doug’s banner. It shares many of his accomplishments since 2021, although these have yet to include completing his mission. Doug’s mission has since expanded to include making a positive impact in this world, whether that involves writing software, books, or whatever else it takes. Doug says he will never quit fighting for his mission, but admits he has been knocked down far more times than he ever imagined.

Doug is currently fighting to finish his original mission so he can write the ending to his book’s sequel, Not Today!Not Today is what Doug says to his banner twice a day: quietly as his morning prayer, and after working hard on his mission, with authority, because he did not quit today!

According to Doug, “Doug Osborne Does Not Quit is about believing in yourself, while Not Today! will be about trying and failing over and over and over again until you finally succeed.”

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