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Author Bios: Daniela Amato

Daniela Amato was born in Italy and raised in the Bronx, New York. Growing up, Daniela was always fascinated with all things related to animals. Visiting Zoo’s and Aquariums was always a double-edged sword. She loved to see the animals but hated that they were not free to roam as Nature intended.

Daniela spent hours alone pretending and cultivating her creative side and imagination. She often imagined the animals were speaking to her. It was not until later in life, that Daniela realized it was not her imagination; the animals were, in fact, communicating with her through picture messages and energy.

Currently a massage therapist, business owner, author, and mother of two grown children, Daniela’s love for animals and nature continues to grow. Because of this love and respect, Daniela has chosen a plant-based lifestyle. “It is hard to eat someone when you can hear them talk to you”, she says. This lifestyle prompted Daniela to write her first book If it Was Me. . . A Child’s Journey Through Reflection. The book is beautifully illustrated by artist Carlos Franco and explores the relationship between the animals we love to see and the food on our plates. Gently told, If it Was Me is an emblem for compassion, empathy, and love towards all beings.

Animal-Speak, or animal communication, is a practice that has brought great joy and occasional sadness. It is a gift and a curse; but, with love and compassion, Daniela focuses on the positive and treats it as a Gift from the Universe. Daniela currently helps others communicate with animals here and beyond. For more information, visit or contact directly at [email protected].

“There is a lot we can learn from our animal friends. Their wisdom goes beyond what humans seem capable or willing to embrace. Animals hold on to the primal gifts of the Universe; learning Animal-Speak has helped me reconnect with those natural instincts and understand Nature better. Not every message is life-changing; however, for the animal sending the message it is important.” Daniela believes if humans learned to hear with their hearts and not their minds, we would be able to resolve many of the issues society faces.

Contact Information:

Instagram: heart_communications
Twitter: @danielaamato111


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