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Author Bios: Christine Macdonald

Christine Macdonald is a Los Angeles-based author who grew up on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. At age 13 Macdonald was diagnosed with Acne Conglobata, a skin disease that left over 80% of her face severely scarred. The trauma she endured subsequently led to her working as an exotic dancer in Waikiki at the age of 19 in 1987. She is noted as saying the first time she felt beautiful is when she was on stage. Through her writing, she uses her voice, a unique blend of cutting truth and self-deprecating humor to inspire others to release their shame and tell their story. She is public about her struggles with addiction and mental illness. It is her passion to speak to young people with self-esteem issues and rather than judge them for their choices, help them find value in embracing what they consider to be their flaws. Christine brings her love of the coast to California where she has lived since 1996.

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Author Christine Macdonald

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