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Author Bios: Christina Maraziotis

Christina was twenty-seven years old at the time she began writing Loveletting. Born and raised in Greece, she has always had an affinity for language; fluently speaking Greek, German, and English. After years of experimenting with different professions, suddenly it dawned on her: writing was the only thing that actually made sense. It all started with a simple prologue in the notes of her phone, and since then, she hasn’t missed a single day of writing and working on her very first novel series — breathing life into it, as it breathes life back into her. The primary goal as a writer is to strike certain melancholic chords in the heart while reading, pulling from deeply haunting personal experiences to create books that linger in the mind long after the story is finished. Her stories combine gothic romance, intense adventure with nerve-wracking suspense, entwined with vague and unsettling horror subplots — and a myriad of controversial subjects to challenge any reader’s views — all taking place in the historical setting of late 19th century Victorian west. Focus lays heavily on character development, as it is crucial to her and her story; for the reader to bond with the characters, and feel like they’re reading about an old friend. Her purpose is for the reader to be transported to another world, escaping from reality, and finding an eerie comfort within a haunting experience.

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