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Author Bios: Christi Eley

Christi (aka Mrs. Cottontail) developed a deep love for animals as a child inspired by the bunny she and her grandfather rescued and raised together. It was her dream to grow up and do something with bunnies. She did this with her successful local ministry, Mrs. Cottontail and Friends. She has been working with children and animals for over 20 years, spreading joy and love through her educational bunny programs. This work has deepened her faith and opened her eyes to the most important things in life. Her desire is to teach children to slow down, connect deeply with animals while drawing close to God. She has been married to Mark, her high school sweetheart, for over 30 years. They have two beautiful daughters, who they homeschooled. Mrs. Cottontail has a menagerie of pets, including her fluffle (group) of six adorable bunnies including the one and only Mr. Flopsy!

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