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Author Bios: CC Tillery

CC Tillery is the pseudonym for two sisters, both authors, who came together to write the story of their great-aunt Bessie Daniels Elliott in the Appalachian Journey series and have since continued writing Appalachian historical fiction with their Brown Mountain Lights series. Tillery is their maiden name and the C’s stand for their first initials. Each book contains unknown historical facts, Cherokee (Appalachian Journey series) and Catawba (Brown Mountain Lights series) culture and legends, as well as information about herbal healing. The books have been chosen by book clubs across America as their Book of the Month and have won numerous awards. CC Tillery was named an Amazon All-Star Author in 2015 and the books have been placed with the McClung Historical Collection of East Tennessee Historical Center as part of the local and genealogical history of East Tennessee.

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Sisters Cyndi and Christy


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