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Author Bios: Burt Clinchandhill

Clinchandhill is a Dutch-born author. After writing his first short stories in his youth, he left his writing passion pursuing a career in photography and later on made several career changes. After almost 30 years, he returned to writing with his first novel, Kursk, the tragedy of 118 men. A thriller based on true facts. Clinchandhill came back with his second political thriller, 47 Hours, again inspired by true events about a coup against Hugo Chavez. After the success of Kursk and 47 Hours, the author brought back his fictional character James Mitchel for his third and final venture into the political intrigues that inspire Clinchandhill's passionate work, The Mogadishu Encounter.

Currently, Clinchandhill's newest edition to his work is his latest novel Aldaraia, the first in a new trilogy. Created in a totally different genre of conspiracy thrillers/religious mysteries. In spring 2021, the second Matthew Bishop installment, Lemuria, is expected.

Using a creative blend of fact and fiction, drama, and dialogue, Clinchandhill always touches the core of an adventure that will keep the reader chained to the story from beginning to end.

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