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Author Bios: Anya Dunham

Anya Dunham has a Ph.D. in Biology and studies ecology: a discipline that explores how living things relate to one another and interact with their environment. When she first became a mom, she searched for an evidence-based, practical, whole-picture, supportive guide for baby’s first year, but couldn’t find it. So she used her research training to analyze hundreds of scientific studies on baby sleep, feeding, care, and play through the lens of ecology. First, she looked with the eyes of a scientist; she kept only what was true for all human babies, regardless of culture and family practices. Then, she looked with the eyes and heart of a parent and kept only what felt important and useful for families to know during the beautiful, tiring, and ever-important baby’s first year.

Anya lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three children who inspire her to grow and learn every day.

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