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Author Bios: Amy Lignor

Being the daughter of a research librarian, Amy was hooked on books from the moment she could open one. Action and suspense with a bit of the historical thrown in was the formula that got her adrenaline flowing. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she created the bestselling suspense/adventure series, Tallent & Lowery. Amy has also delved into the YA realm, bringing to life the popular Angel Chronicles trilogy. 

The editor of Suspense Magazine, she reviews and interviews artists and authors for various websites as well, while continuously helping up-and-coming authors by editing their work. 2018 will see the grand finale of the highly praised Tallent & Lowery series with the publication of “The Mad Race” in November of this year. A member of International Thriller Writers (ITW), she is also currently at work on her first horror novel entitled, “The Wake.”

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