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Author Bios: Amro Kabeel

Amro is an Egyptian Muslim writer who lives in the Middle East. He is a people’s person with a bit of humour sometimes. Amro likes to keep things neat and clean and so claims to have OCD. He is a balanced ambivert who cherishes his alone time. He is always eager to learn and likes to read life’s signs. Amro always follows his instincts and trusts his gut. He relies on both his feelings and rationale to make choices. He likes to have a vision but also takes things as they come, thus having a plan without ever having one. Amro loves to follow his religion with passion and be in the company of the righteous. He loves to be in spiritual gatherings where Allah and Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) are praised and remembered. Amro has completed this book at the age of 30. He is just a simple man fulfilling his destiny.

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