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Author Bio: Alicia Stephens Martin

Alicia Stephens Martin had three passions: writing, horses and hair. She attended Beauty School and mastered the craft as a successful stylist, salon owner and teacher. After losing her husband at 46, she searched for a new path. While managing a salon as a solo mom, Alicia obtained a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. Her daughter, during this time, was a champion equestrian while Alicia learned to drive the fifth wheel. She published an interactive children’s workbook called Let’s Go to the Hairstylist. Her short fiction and non-fiction stories have been published in Salon Ovation Magazine and PBA Progress, and the non-fiction piece, Healing in a Pocket, won the Bob Hoffman writing award. Her articles have also been published in PA Equestrian, East Coast Equestrian, and From Whispers to Roars. Alicia Stephens Martin’s first novel Spurred to Justice was released after she turned fifty. Followed by a rom/com, Private Mom, Spurred to Jump, second in Spurred to series, and Spurred to Jealousy completed the mystery trilogy in 2023. The Silver Cowgirls is her latest novel, in the hopes of inspiring others to follow their heart-no matter age or diversity! She lives in south central Pennsylvania on a small farmette with her husband and Olde English Bulldog Scarlett!

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