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Author Bios: Alane Gray

Alane Gray is a writer, a chiropractor, and an artist who lives in Eastern North Carolina. Early in life, she worked as a professional dancer and performer. Today, after nearly two decades in active chiropractic practice, she is primarily a writer. Much of her recent work is focused on the nuances of human behavior, chaos theory, and quantum entanglement as they relate to interpersonal relationships and the impact of chronic pain on the body, mind, and spirit. She is also passionate about a wide range of topics including dance, art, science, and philosophy, as well as the arcane, the mystical, and the macabre. Whenever she is not working, she can usually be found reading, searching for the perfect gluten-free bread recipe, or indulging in her moderate addiction to reality TV shows and horror movies. Terrible Omens is Alane Gray’s first full-length original work.

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Instagram: @thinktorium


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