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By: Scott Martin
Publisher: Daylight Books
Publication Date: July 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9632177-5-2
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: May 7, 2012

This compilation is truly one that will reach you and grab your attention from the first page. Yes, there are statistics and facts given right off the bat but, as you read, the passion that the writer has for his stories, research, and life in general is far more moving than any anthology I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

The main topic of this book is ‘population geography,’ and how one man became incredibly interested about the numbers of people who settled in various areas. By using data, biographies of the infamous and famous who founded a great many counties, cities, etc., as well as the backgrounds and little known facts regarding inventors and entrepreneurs who gave things to you and I that we see and hear about every day but never knew where they actually came from before - this book provides it all. Add into all this a mesmerizing story that tells of poverty, escape, drama, fear and an odd ‘celebration of life,’ and you have a very poignant work.

As readers begin they will be pulled in quickly, especially any historian who is interested in the founding of our country and how it came about - from the subjects of tribes to immigrants. Landmarks are spoken about and we learn how these creations came from the imaginations of learned men and women. Being introduced to subjects such as the settlement of areas by the Iroquois Nation to offering very interesting information on the Jehovah’s Witness Church; on to explanations of tribes in Nigeria to how migrations truly caused Christianity to rise up - the wealth of research makes the subject of population geography illuminating.

As the history fades, a second section of this book comes into play that is written by the author as well as his lovely wife, Lorraine, who is now passed. Readers will find themselves lost in New York City with Dale, a young man who’s going through the exact same issues we all still face. Poverty, trying to find a way to fit in, make friends, make a niche in a world that is so diverse - Dale deals with all of these things, as he takes on forces that require his strength and courage to expand.

Ending with some truly beautiful poems from the 1970’s, this anthology is a collection of works that hold your interest. As a reader who loves New York and was born in Connecticut, I was fascinated by learning all about the boroughs - and the business icons that were responsible for the incredible life and history that the East exudes. And every reader is almost guaranteed to find something close to their home, as well.

Quill Says: The lesser-known history offers a true portrait into the bad and good aspects of change, but the personal tales are the ones that reach into your heart and keep giving.

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