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Addicted to Health: Going with God to Break Free from a Health-Obsessed Culture

Addicted to Health: Going with God to Break Free from a Health-Obsessed Culture

By: Victoria Davis
Published by: Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: June 2021
ISBN: 978-1637528310
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: November 30, 2021

This book came to the right person. I have to say, as someone who recently had her share of doctors’ opinions, tests and, basically, downright guesses, my overall health is not only a concern but a confusion. Now, after reading this book—as I sit here with a foot broken in three places, wearing something that feels like a cement “boot” the mob buries people in — I find myself not being as scared or worried about who I have left to turn to for answers.

This particular author had her own trials when it came to her health. Dating all the way back to childhood, she’s suffered a litany of issues (i.e., Tourette’s Syndrome, severe skin problems, etc.) that she ended up overcoming when she learned what she teaches us in this book. She also believed the millions of self-help tomes, documentaries, and other sources of misinformation that had her overthinking things, over-worrying, obsessing, and ending up dealing with a food addiction that brought her even more harm. And before you roll your eyes and sigh, the author has not put together yet another cookbook or dietary regimen that promises you can lose weight, whether by starvation or by popping diet pills or completely horrible stuff such as that. Instead, this author has written a clean, concise, easy-to-understand book that looks at health from a whole new perspective. And it will help you!

The crux of her message is that every person is born with a trifecta; not only does good health come from taking care of your body, it also comes from taking care of your mind and soul. And when you understand that faith can actually help you achieve the good health that you want, you end up being a thriving individual that no longer feels down about how they believe other people see them from the outside.

It doesn’t take much to know that in every generation, companies, social media, ads in magazines and on TV, all generate the completely wrong message that we have to look a certain way in order to be pretty or even considered acceptable to the rest of the world. This obsession brings about everything from tragic health obsessions and diseases like anorexia, to helping escalate the horrific problem of bullying in schools...because it’s easier to call someone fat before you tease them to the point where they go home and take their own lives? Nice.

Ms. Davis, the writer of this fine book, took her childhood issues, what she learned in the health industry through her pain and suffering, and combined them with her faith and belief in a higher power. She uses scripture to drive home various points that actually make complete sense. She presents God’s view on health and wellness, how we do not value our health enough, how easy it is to believe the wrong messages and obsess over them, and then she presents worship as being an important element in the achievement of good health. By health starting in the spiritual realm, Ms. Davis talks about the blocks we, and society, put on ourselves and how, through Christianity, we can overcome them. She even offers up a “Weekly Goals Worksheet” that will come in handy to readers, as well as “10 Declarations for Kingdom Health” that when said out loud will end up being etched permanently in your mind and soul, ultimately helping your body reach the goals you set for yourself.

Ms. Davis has left no stone unturned, and has eloquently provided the world with a way to solve some truly harmful ideas floating around out there. 5-Stars!

Quill says: A personal journey that’s a gift to the rest of us who need to gain peace so we can enjoy a million great tomorrows.

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