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A Very Special Snowflake

A Very Special Snowflake

By: Don Hoffman 
Illustrated by: Todd Dakins 
Publisher: Cartwheel Books/Scholastic 
Publication Date: November 2008 
ISBN-13: 978-0439901116 
Reviewed by: Bill Alberts 
Review Date: February 2009

Jeff and Veronica have a new puppy and he is adorable! With snow white fur and a ‘let’s play!’ personality, the children decide to name their puppy ‘Snowflake.’ It’s the perfect name for the lovable dog, especially since he also loves to play in the snow.

One day Jeff and Veronica take Snowflake out to play during a snowstorm and before long their puppy is lost. Or is he? In the vein of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ the children begin their search for Snowflake. Bundled in their winter woolies, the kids hunt through their town, asking each adult they encounter, including the policewoman, the mail carrier, and others if they have seen Snowflake. Each delightful picture features the dog hidden amongst the snowfall, tongue hanging out, with a smile on his face. Readers will look forward to each page to see if they can find Snowflake.

Every adult who Jeff and Veronica ask about their dog confuses the dog’s name with all the snowflakes that are flying around them, insisting that they’ve seen snowflakes everywhere. They don’t understand that Jeff and Veronica are looking for their dog. Young readers will squeal with delight at the clever play on the word snowflake as the silly adults time after time confuse the dog’s name with the falling snow.

The illustrations in A Very Special Snowflake are bright, cheerful and playful. They add much to the charming story and will undoubtedly hold children’s attention through numerous readings of this adventure.

Quill says: Children will love this fun romp through a winter snowstorm.

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