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A Slippery Shadow

A Slippery Shadow

By: Gary D. McGugan
Publication Date: March 2022
ISBN: 978-1-7779049-1-3
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: February 7, 2022

It always sends a shot of excitement through my veins when I realize that Howard Knight is back on the scene. I mean, this is the sixth book of author Gary McGugan’s incredible suspense series and, take it from me, the action, thrills and level of espionage has not lessened one tiny bit since Book 1 arrived.

Beginning in Singapore, readers (new and old) will meet up with Fidelia Morales, a woman who seized control of The Organization just recently and still has to worry about literally everything. (After all, any “company” by this name is always up to no good, right?) Well, she’s just come to Singapore from Sydney, Australia. Along with her on the private jet is Howard Knight, her former lover, as well as a young IT expert loaned to her by the ‘boss’ in Singapore known as Stan Lee. This young IT guy was in charge of performing stock transactions the night before that garnered Fidelia several hundred million dollars. Stan is a man they’re now headed to meet in order to begin yet another illegal adventure. But out the window of the jet comes a group of vehicles and those who look like Singapore officers who board the plane and ask for immigration documentation. Now, as a woman who spent thirty years of her life recruiting women for the escort service, Fidelia is already shaking, wondering what’s about to go wrong. As they read quickly through the men’s information, Howard and the worker are let go right away. Unfortunately for Fidelia, her paranoid gut instinct turns out to be correct as she’s taken off the plane and ends up arrested for a crime committed in Italy—charges brought against her by the Italian government, the Carabinieri.

The same day, in Florida, a stock market/company crash of monumental proportions occurs. Suzanne Simpson and her V.P. of Corporate and Investor Affairs, Edward Hadley, are worried beyond belief over the fact that Multima Corporation’s share price has completely collapsed since the opening bell. The reason for this is because one of their employees committed suicide and the story hit the press before anyone had the chance to curb, stop, or hide the data from the now scared investors who are scrambling to get out of the sinking ship as fast as possible. With Suzanne calling James Fitzgerald, a man who has nine months left with the company until retirement, she gains – for a high price – someone who will take over the vacant position this suicide victim left behind. But even though Suzanne’s personal holdings have lost over a billion dollars, as well as her fellow investors who are watching their world crumble, they’re more than happy to pay James to plug the gushing holes of the Multima dam before it bursts completely.

As Suzanne and her group get together to plan their own trek that will involve some off-handed work in order to survive, crime-boss Fidelia Morales works to escape a lifetime of jail or certain death in order to take her revenge out on those who want her unseated as the boss in any way possible. But as key operatives suddenly disappear, the criminals sink into a world of chaos where no one quite knows who’s good, who’s bad, or who will be the end of them all.

Howard Knight, as an accomplice in Fidelia’s latest heist, sees a door to freedom and walks through it to return to Canada. However, this new escapade in Singapore is not going to leave him alone, which puts his chance of achieving permanent freedom at risk.

Once again, Knight is a powerful James Bond-like character when it comes to charisma and strength. His mind is a steady one, but the ghosts and girlfriends of his past place him in the line of fire on a continuous basis. From menacing encounters to a litany of criminal organizations, governments, and people set out to save themselves, the author excitingly explores the thought that there could just be a “shadow” who’s working to manipulate the entire cast of characters in order to end the game their own way.

Quill says: This rich, vibrant tale offers all a reader could possibly want, and more, from an edge-of-your-seat thriller!

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