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A Multicultural Picnic (Little Polyglot Adventures, Book 3)

A Multicultural Picnic (Little Polyglot Adventures, Book 3)

By: Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos
Illustrated by: Eszter Miklós
Publisher: Linguacious
Publication Date: January 2021
ISBN: 978-1649620910
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: February 2021

The polyglot siblings, Isabella and Dylan, are back, along with Dylan's lovable chicken Kiki, in their latest adventure, A Multicultural Picnic.

Dylan wants to sleep! It's too early to get up. So when his sister Isabella comes running into his room and bouncing on his bed, he's not very happy. Covering his head with a pillow will take care of his noisy sister. But when she reminds him that their grandparents are arriving today and they're going to have a picnic at the park, he quickly decides that he does want to get out of bed.

Once the grandparents arrive, the fun can start. Conversation is lively and depending on which grandparent the children are speaking with, the kids are speaking either Portuguese or Ukrainian. And once at the park, a gastronomic delight awaits everyone with American, Ukrainian, Brazilian, and South African foods, all lovingly made by the different family members.

While the family is enjoying their delicious meal, three boys spot them from a distance and make fun of the different languages being spoken. These boys don't understand the beauty of different cultures coming together and when they come upon Isabella, Dylan, and Dylan's best friend Emma, later in the day it looks like things might get a little rough...

Author Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos is on a mission to teach children the beauty of multiculturalism with his "Little Polyglot Adventures" series. The books celebrate the customs, foods, and languages of many different people. In A Multicultural Picnic, the children in the story are happy and always looking on the positive side of things, even when they're confronted with one of the bullies. And the way the author handles the bully is unique and will likely be eye-opening to many children. Add in a little misadventure with Kiki the chicken to lighten up the mood, and children will no doubt reach for this book to read again and again.

Quill says: Without being preachy, A Multicultural Picnic shows children the delight of sharing in different cultures, helping others, and how to deal with bullies. Add in a chicken for some lighthearted fun, and kids will love reading this book.

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