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You and God: How to Build the Most Important Relationship of Your Life

You and God: How to Build the Most Important Relationship of Your Life

By: Bill Paradise
Publisher: Seraphina Press
Publication Date: May 2010
ISBN: 1-935097-72-5
Reviewed by: Betsy Burnett
Review Date: July 30, 2010

Ever wonder what your 'purpose' in life is? Are you looking for more 'meaning' in your day-to-day existence? Maybe you're looking for 'direction'? Or, wondering what's 'missing' in your life? You are not alone! These are all normal, basic, even healthy questions. And, there is only one ultimate, universal answer. Bill Paradise answers these questions, and many more, in his truly inspirational book titled You and God. He not only answers the age-old questions but also teaches you "How to Build the Most Important Relationship of Your Life."

Bill Paradise leads you easily through the six parts of his "how to" book; breaking each part down into mini chapters with time for "personal reflection" after each one; encouraging us to relax and take each chapter slowly, giving oneself time to absorb the deeper, spiritual meaning.

The author introduces us to our "greater purpose", acknowledging our Creator and our own uniqueness; seeing ourselves as what we really are...God's children. He awakens our spirituality and reveals our soul as an extension of Him, which will now exist forever!

In part two we learn about "communicating with God," and how eager He is to communicate with us, through our thoughts, feelings, prayers, observations, and through discernment. We are taught how to use "tools" to help us develop a nourishing relationship with God, in part three, with spiritual reading, fellowship, having a plan of action, and keeping a journal.

In part four of this informative book, the author explains what life can be like if you choose to have God in your life, how you may view God, and what to expect from a close, intimate "friendship" with God. We learn that our most powerful act of faith is surrendering our will to God and putting our lives in His hands. We need to 'let go, and let God'!

Moving on to part five, we become aware of "life issues," and how our attitudes affect all aspects of our lives, and those we come in contact with, including how we feel towards God. Bill Paradise talks about our God-given talents and gifts and how we can and should put them to use to glorify God. And, in part six, we are encouraged to "move forward,” make a plan of action, and remember that our most important life-work is our walk with our Lord. Bill Paradise points out that God's greatest gift to us is life. His second greatest gift is free will. The ultimate use of God's gift of free will is to choose Him, actively and consciously, making Him a key part of our lives.

In You and God, the author makes it very clear and simple "How to Build the Most Important Relationship of Your Life." He tells us it's not easy, but he does say that if we can achieve the mind-set of God's presence, with it will bring us peace, calm, comfort, joy and happiness. The text did bring awareness to me of my own relationship with God and how applying the action plan that the author suggested would help me in my own spiritual growth. Although I finished this book a week ago, I find myself referring back to it often and would suspect that other readers will want to keep it close at hand too. It should be noted that there were a fair number of excerpts from other authors’ works, but these writings easily flowed with the primary text, adding additional insight.

We all have a "Great Purpose" in life! Without God, our lives lack value, meaning, and significance. Are you ready to start or grow your relationship with God? If so, let Bill Paradise guide you expertly, to a whole new spiritual level, in his book You and God.

Quill says: An inspirational and motivational book to bring you closer to God.

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