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We Are Their Heaven: Why The Dead Never Leave Us

We Are Their Heaven: Why The Dead Never Leave Us

By: Allison DuBois
Publisher: Simon & Schuster 
Publication Date:January 2007 
ISBN: 978-0743291132
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: September 2008

Do you believe that the Dead talk to us? This is the premise of Allison DuBois’ book, We Are Their Heaven: Why The Dead Never Leave Us. DuBois, the inspiration for the lead character in the popular television show, Medium, argues that when people pass, they continue to share in the lives of those they loved.

The book is broken into short chapters, many of which focus on the author’s readings. Each chapter begins with a description of the deceased from somebody who knew them well, usually a parent, spouse, or child. These writers show us a heartfelt, and sometimes difficult to read, description of life after losing a loved one. After the bereaved’s essay, the author shares the images and thoughts that come through her readings. She contends that the deceased continue to be a presence in the grieving person’s life. DuBois then gives specific instances where the deceased attempted to communicate. For example, she tells one parent, your son “says he still calls you on your phone.” Immediately the mother pulls her cell phone out and shows DuBois the text message left by her son three days after his death. According to DuBois, the deceased might also comment on a favorite food dish that they enjoy, a party they attended (after their death), balloons that were brought to a party to honor them, or say they are responsible for their favorite song playing on the radio.

Chapter topics include the loss of a child, spouse, those who passed while in Hospice (particularly hard to read), and the loss of a parent. Fans of the television show will enjoy the chapter on Medium, in which DuBois reveals what on the show is closely based on her and her family, and what is fictionalized. The final chapters cover murder victims, suicides, how the reader can understand their own visions or feelings of the departed, and why we are all special.

Your level of enjoyment with We Are Their Heaven: Why The Dead Never Leave Us will depend largely on your belief system. If you have recently lost somebody, and feel that they are still with you, then you will likely find comfort in this book. If, however, you scoff at the notion that a chair moved, a lightbulb flickered, a song came on the radio, all because a departed loved one is trying to send a message, you may want to skip this title. Still, DuBois has an easy writing style and she does give numerous examples with very specific information passed to her by the departed, so you might just want to read We Are Their Heaven and decide for yourself.

Quill says: A nice book for fans of the show Medium and anybody who believes that the Dead visit the Living.

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