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View From the Edge

View From the Edge

By: Michael Kasenow
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Publication Date: February 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7414-7098-0 
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Review Date: December 28, 2012

Disappointment is nowhere to be found in Michael Kasenow's masterpiece of a novel, View From the Edge!

On the heels of a psychotic break, Joshua Feenics returns to his position of Department Head of Anthropology and Archaeology at Hadrian University in northern Michigan. The pulling of the trigger that resulted in his breakdown could have been a multitude of things—his abusive upbringing, his cheating wife, Ashley, or perhaps it was the day-to-day challenge of balancing the bureaucracy associated with modern-day University practices...

The story opens with Feenics reflecting over a wide range of situations; from chalkboards to students. He has just enough time to redirect his thoughts to his eight-year-old son Blake and his wife Ashley before his rat race of a day begins. He thinks about the last counseling session with Geraldine. He was angry; not only about Ashley's preference to sleep in her son's bed each night rather than share their bed; but also whether she really was done with her extramarital affair. Score one for Joshua as counselor Geraldine insists eight years old is far beyond the acceptable age for a mother to continue to sleep with her child.

As the work day begins, Liz, Joshua's secretary, interrupts his reverie with a heart-felt welcome back. Unable to keep his cast of character colleagues at bay any further, Charlotte-the-Liar Adams pops in for her usual nosey visit. She got her nickname for obvious reasons—an innate propensity to lie and on a grand scale at that. Professors MO and Jeffersen are a pair of bookends who know how to reach beyond the limits of impropriety and provide a whole new meaning to the word. Holly Hayes is his steadfast confidante and occasionally together they have been known to decompress after a long day at the campus watering hole, Tidewaters.

Rounding out the list for the day is Professor Annachie. It seems a windfall of an opportunity has fallen into his lap and by the time he's done with his pitch to Feenics, he's certain he will concur. The Mount Sinai Artifacts' CEO, Harold Pierce, has selected none other than Hadrian University to be the recipient of religious artifacts first discovered in digs in the holy land of southern Israel. They want Hadrian University to be the warehouse to some of the most precious BC artifacts ever discovered. Annachie thinks he works his magic in convincing Feenics; now they must convince the President, Dean, Provost and the rest of the University's top tier that this is a must. The one thing about the entire proposition that Feenics can't seem to shake is it all sounds too good to be true.

Michael Kasenow is the ultimate spin-doctor of a brilliant plot and storyline in View from the Edge. His phenomenal range of credible characters have unique individuality as well as the perfect blend of misfits when united for one of their college campus faculty meetings. Kasenow demonstrates from beginning to end he knows how to find the power in each and every word and there is no mistaking he has placed them exactly where he meant to place them. It is no wonder he has received accolades such as 'award winning,' and 'critically acclaimed.' In my humble opinion, he has earned admirable recognition once again in this latest novel; a must read and a perfect example of how a best selling contender should play out. I am a voracious reader and when I burn through three hundred pages in less than 24 hours, that's more than a 'good read' in my opinion. Well done Mr. Kasenow.

Quill Says: This novel is not only entertaining, but is clearly written by a writer who knows how to entertain!

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