The Test

The Test

By: Patricia Gussin 
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing 
Publication Date: October 2009 
ISBN: 978-1933515199 
Reviewed by: Lynette Latzko 
Review Date: September 2009

As a way to make up for his shortcomings in raising his family, billionaire Paul Parnell is determined to leave behind an important legacy for his six children that is more than merely doling out the fortunes of his estate. In his shocking will, Paul instructs his children, who each inherit an equal share of his two billion dollar estate, that before their inheritance is dispersed, they have a year to adopt a lifestyle of moral living and open giving towards society. Upon hearing of this strange news, the Parnell family members attempt to continue their selfish routines, while also trying to fit into their lives their father’s test. Unfortunately, it seems that almost immediately, every family member must endure their own personal demons and are tested so greatly that, in the end, these events rock their core strength as members of the Parnell family, and threatens to destroy each and every one of them.

Author Patricia Gussin takes a seemingly simple premise of rich families inheriting fortunes, and expertly adds to the story by including a suspenseful plot that moves readers onto new courses of adventure that includes, but are not limited to politics and evil greed. Despite a few minor flaws in the story including some unbelievable areas relating to hypnosis, and the somewhat rushed ending, the story unfolds in a quick paced setting filled with a great swirling plot of likable characters, even the ones who don't exactly deserve anyone's sympathy.

Quill says: If you take a chance on this "test" you just may succeed in taking an enjoyable, suspenseful ride through the lives of the Parnell family.

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