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The Little Pot

The Little Pot

By: Dawn Stephens
Illustrated by: Dawn Stephens
Publisher: bPlus Books; 2009 edition
Publication Date: March 2009 
ISBN: 978-1933982113 
Reviewed by: Holly Connors 
Review Date: May 26, 2009 

How do you explain to young children the love the Creator has for them in words they can understand? What about explaining the need for patience and trusting that God will guide them to their true purpose? Fortunately, Dawn Stephens has stepped in and written a charming book to put the meaning of God’s plans into a story children will comprehend.

The Little Pot is the tale of an adorable little pot who desperately wants to know what his purpose in life is. On the very first page we’re introduced to the potter, Stephens’ version of the Creator. The potter makes many different pieces, each shaped with great care from his gentle hands. After the potter makes the little pot, “…he sat back and admired his creation, for he was very pleased.”

Once the pot is completed, the potter tells it that he has “…a very special plan for you.” Little Pot is excited and dreams of what the future holds. The author then presents a few scenarios, where the pot is given temporary jobs. The vessel's jobs include storing important papers and holding coins. With each new job the vessel thinks he has the best job ever. But the jobs soon end when the Creator makes other ceramic containers, such as a piggy bank, which are better suited to those jobs. The little pot is sad and thinks he’ll never be given the right job.

Finally, the potter puts some soil in Little Pot, and then a plant. Now, Little Pot is convinced he has the best job ever. Soon the plant grows and produces flowers and Little Pot is very proud of himself. But when the flowers turn into small green things, the endearing pot is concerned. “…how will I remain so beautiful?” It takes the potter stepping in to tenderly show Little Pot that his purpose is to be a fruit pot. At that, Little Pot looks up and realizes that the small white flowers have turned into luscious red strawberries. He is thrilled at having the best job ever and knows that the potter/Creator has chosen the absolutely best job ever for Little Pot.

Patience is something rarely, if ever, equated with young children and it is a concept that is hard for them to grasp. Stephens has done an excellent job of explaining the idea in a story that youngsters can comprehend and enjoy. Little Pot is unable to wait, constantly asking the Creator, when, when, when will I have my perfect job? The Creator continually tells his creation to be patient – his purpose will be revealed.

Stephens handles the character of the potter/Creator with great care. We’re never shown more than his hands, but his words are gentle and loving. When Little Pot is upset because one of his temporary jobs has been taken away, the potter explains, “… you must trust me, for I am preparing you to be a very special pot.”

The Little Pot is also illustrated by Stephens. The pictures are simple, without a lot of clutter in the background, and sweet in their renditions. The pot is the center of each picture, and has adorable expressions with big, expressive eyes. Children are sure to giggle with pleasure as they share Little Pot’s adventure.

Quill says: An excellent book to explain the Creator’s plan to young children.

For more information on The Little Pot, please visit the book's website at: Bumble Bee Productions.

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