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By: Krishna Dalal
Illustrated By: Jessica Warrick
Publisher: One Word Publishing
Publication Date: July, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9833245-0-8
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: August 2011

Fantastically fun! Each and every line rhymes, as this book offers a very entertaining explanation of why the English language is the most difficult on the face of the Earth to learn!

Sardoodledom is a very real word in our language. It means overly dramatic and almost unbelievable, and that is exactly what the English language is all about.

The reader is taken on a truly funny adventure as they sit side-by-side with kids who are entered into a spelling bee. Chloe is the girl who seems to know it all. In fact, she is the one who states what Sardoodledom is all about! We have Ryan, who is able to spell words because of their rhyming capabilities such as: and, land, band and sand. We have Juan, a hysterical character who loves to tell knock-knock jokes, especially when he’s overly nervous about the spelling bee looming in front of him. And we have Hannah, a young woman biting her nails trying to figure out WHY the English language has to have words that sound exactly alike but are spelled differently: sea and see.

As the principal gears up for the spelling bee extravaganza, readers watch as each child has to go to the microphone and figure out everything from synonyms to homonyms to palindromes and oxymorons.

The author has done a magnificent job of investigating the whys and wherefores of our complex language, and the illustrator has done marvelous work, showing each and every nerve-wracked child as they try their best to get the words right! Write and rite, anyone? See? English IS a puzzle!

Quill Says: Fun, entertaining, and a true learning experience! Everyone knows the English language is very overdramatic - a Sardoodledom to the extreme. Enjoy!

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