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Puma Goes to The Cliff Walk

Puma Goes to The Cliff Walk

By: Muriel Barclay de Tolly
Publisher: Muriel Barclay de Tolly
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: September 2008

For those who have toured the stunning mansions of Newport, RI, and for those who have simply dreamed of visiting, Puma Goes to The Cliff Walk is the chance to revisit all the sights that have made this area famous. Puma is an adorable black and white cat who, being the adventurous sort, loves to explore new places. Starting at Easton’s Beach, Puma sets out on the more than three mile Cliff Walk, a trail that passes "through some of the biggest and most famous backyards in Newport."

During her adventure, Puma explores the 40 Steps, a spot where the staff from various mansions once gathered on their night off. She next explores Twombley Hall, the Chinese Tea House, and The Breakers, perhaps the most famous of all the Newport mansions.

Puma Goes to The Cliff Walk is a charming story and children are sure to love the adorable cat who leads the adventure. The illustrations are rather rudimentary but very colorful. In addition to the story, there are brief one or two sentence descriptions of each landmark and what made it famous. My hesitation with this book is that the author sometimes uses language that is above the age level it is intended. That, combined with the topic, may lead young minds to wander. However, adults and older children who have traveled the famous Cliff Walk will undoubtedly enjoy revisiting Newport with Puma.

Quill says: A charming book, especially for those who have recently visited Newport.

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