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Our Rescue Dog Family Album

Our Rescue Dog Family Album

Our Rescue Dog Family Album

By: Diane Pomerance
Publisher: Polaire Publications
Publication Date: February 2010
ISBN: 978-0979521881
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: October 29, 2010

There are so many abused, abandoned, and unloved dogs in the world – how do you turn a blind eye to their needs? In the case of Diane Pomerance and her husband Norman, you don’t. Instead, you take them into your house and love and care for them.

Our Rescue Dog Family Album is just that; an album of all the dogs who have had the luck to be adopted by the Pomerances. The book is a full 72 pages of photos and tales of the astounding 43 dogs the Pomerances have taken into their home, each with his or her own unique story. With lots of color photos of each dog, the author tells the story of her life through the dogs she has adopted, from the early 70s when both she and her husband were graduate students (and didn’t own a dog) up through to the present day.

Arranged as a scrapbook, with corner tabs holding the pictures and little handwritten and graphic designs added to dress up each page, there is a lot to enjoy on each page. While some of the backgrounds are a bit busy and make reading the text a little difficult, overall it was a visual treat. After a brief introduction, there’s a two-page spread of all the dogs who “…have been or are currently dearly loved members of the Pomerance family.” Then it’s on to the stories of each dog – where they came from, their needs, behaviors, and how they wiggled their way into the hearts’ of their new owners.

There is a fair amount of text in this book, not to overwhelm the reader, but you won’t finish reading it in five minutes. It is a memoir of the dogs’ (and owners) lives and provides a nice overview of life with so many dogs. We first meet Jasper and Reggie, two adorable Yorkshire terriers who have been returned to a pet store by their owners. The Pomerances were living in an apartment in New York City that allowed pets so they were able to take the two Yorkies. But it wasn’t until their 1979 move to Los Angeles that they were able to increase the number of canine companions. Finally, when they moved to a large home in a suburb of Dallas, Texas (complete with swimming pool – a perfect place for their dogs to play and cool off) their dog adoptions increased substantially.

I was taken again and again by the dogs’ sad stories. Mara had been paralyzed and given a five percent chance of walking again (she eventually did walk); Diva came from a local shelter where she was left by her owners because she was too old; and Ludlow the dachshund was surrendered because he had too many health issues and was considered unadoptable. Again and again, this loving husband and wife team took in sick, abandoned, abused and elderly dogs whom nobody else wanted. They worked closely with the local SPCA and local veterinarians to insure proper care of all the dogs.

Near the back of the book is a note to the reader from Diane about the enormous amount of care, time, and money her 21 dogs (current number) require. She includes a two page “A Day In My Life” schedule that makes it clear what she does is not for the faint of heart. I was tired just reading it! Diane and her husband Norman are to be congratulated for taking so many unwanted dogs into their home and providing them with the love these dogs deserve. I hope they receive an ample supply of wet doggie kisses from their “kids” tonight!

Quill says: A heartwarming book about the love one family has for all the needy dogs rooming the streets, locked away in shelters, and chained to a backyard tree and forgotten. Let’s hope this book encourages others to adopt a shelter dog!

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