My Dog, My Cat

My Dog, My Cat

By: Ashlee Fletcher
Publisher: Tanglewood
Publication Date: August 2011
ISBN: 978-1-933718-22-4
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: August 2011

The argument about cats and dogs has been going on for centuries. These two animals stand for almost even human’s best friend on earth. Of course, many believe that dogs and cats are at war with one another. Yet, in my house, when I come out of my bedroom in the evening, the dog and cat are sitting beside each other like Patience and Fortitude - discussing the strange ways of their human beings, and the odd things we all did throughout the day.

The world sees them as absolute foes, and lines have been drawn and sides have been taken for centuries. Some people are truly cat people and love the more independent animal who likes to raise his tail in the air and walk forward as if a crowd of well-wishers are waiting in the next room to throw rose petals at his feet. Whereas others are truly dog people. They love the “best friend” that they’ve had since childhood. The dog who has run beside them, playing baseball and Frisbee in the yard, and has slept at the foot of the bed out of pure happiness, friendship, and protection. In my house, in this case, the dog is the one with the soulful eyes that makes you want to run at all times to the pantry to fetch him yet another snack because his poor 110 pound body is slowly wasting away.

This wonderful new author, Ashlee Fletcher, depicts the solid differences and similarities between the best friends and compatriots of humans. For any animal lover who truly wishes the world was full of cats and/or dogs, instead of having to deal with those ‘icky’ people every day of their lives, this book is a whole lot of fun.

Quill Says: Go to your room and pet the cat, then take the dog out for a walk of pure and utter fun! Because without these friends of ours the world would be a much darker place!

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