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Laughter Effects: Humor and Inspiration for Victims of Sociopaths

Laughter Effects: Humor and Inspiration for Victims of Sociopaths

By: Andrea Irene Martin
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: November 2011
ISBN: 978-1466309760
Reviewed by: A. Lignor
Review Date: December 16, 2011

For most everyone, Antisocial Personality Disorder (Sociopaths) brings to mind haunting movie characters like Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. But the author of this book, with contributions from a co-author, references real cases as well as how the term “serial killer” was coined by an FBI agent in the 1970’s, named Robert Ressler. But APD goes a whole lot further than a character in a movie. In fact, current research estimates that the number of people afflicted with APD is somewhere between 1in 25 and 1in 100. No, that does not mean Hannibal Lecter’s are walking the planet - it means that there are those who suffer from a disorder that most likely came from having a life where they were abused or harmed in some manner on a daily basis.

To deceive the world is the main goal of a sociopath. Whether a sociopath deceives victims, doctors, bosses - they are predators who usually draw crowds because the crowd sees them as someone with courage, determination, and power. AND, oddly enough, they believe what these sociopaths are saying (think Hitler on his dais).

It seems strange to insert “Laugher is the best medicine,” at this point, but it is true. We use humorous words and images as a defense mechanism; they help neutralize the negative impacts of Post Traumatic Stress and allow the mind and body to calm down. Humor is also a form of empowerment; the ability to laugh overrides the anger, decreases stress, bolsters the immune system, and helps the cardio vascular system all at the same time.

This incredible little book not only shows readers various words and images of humor that can help with the effects of APD, but it also gives a guide of internet sites, organizations, books, research, and contributions from a variety of doctors (i.e., Patch Adams) and the work they do to help others.

Although this is quite a small book, it holds a great deal of punch. It explores the world of the sociopath - the ever-changing chameleon - and gives the research and humor necessary to begin helping others in the world of psychopathy, sociopathy, and psychology.

Quill Says: A remarkable look at a world that is something we would all rather not see, but should know ahead of time how to deal with.

To learn more about Laughter Effects: Humor and Inspiration for Victims of Sociopaths please view the youtube video.

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