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Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas

Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas

By: Pardu S. Ponnapalli
Publisher: Xlibris
Publication Date: March 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4568-8238-9
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: July 31, 2011 

As we all know, when “brainstorming” stops, evolution stops. Some ideas throughout history that people have “tossed out there” were considered absolutely silly and crazy. One was radium; another was putting a man on the moon. Crazy, right? From finding a way for people to breathe under water, to the illustrious “Clapper“ that everyone seemed to go ga-ga over, crazy ideas are what made this country great. And this author has come up with some real doozies, yet doozies that could most definitely work!

This author begins by offering a very real story. He talks about life; about how we are all born with that ‘wide-eyed-wonder.’ But then, over time, as we age and the bills grow heavier and heavier our dreams become just those…dreams. By the time we feel safe and have provisions for our family we discover that we are near retirement, and what were once dreams and goals become simply “Once Upon a Time” tales.

So now, this author has decided to take the time to go for the ‘visions’ he had in the past, and offer chapter after chapter of interesting, exciting, and absolutely realistic ideas that may just be the next “big things.”

From creating a “space” elevator (where the author has also offered diagrams as to how to build his invention); to encouraging conservation efforts by offering tax incentives to families for saving energy through home heating as well as automobiles, this author offers very valid “plans.”

Chapters are also included on airplane luggage; an in-depth look at ice hockey scoring; dieting without the ridiculous calorie counting; and a ‘super redundant’ laptop which everyone could use! A favorite for all will be the chapter on chess. Chess is an exquisite game, but most people don’t bother learning it because they believe the rules are overly difficult. But this author has done an in-depth study into making chess a more popular game (offering helpful diagrams to better understand his ideas), and a way to create beginner as well as more experienced chess boards.

In fact, every reader will find this book extremely interesting and will, perhaps, spark other imaginations out there to sit down and create!

Quill Says: A fun look at new ideas. After all, even Chia Pets made a million!

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