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How to Marry the Wrong Guy: A Guide for Avoiding the Biggest Mistake of Your Life

How to Marry the Wrong Guy: A Guide for Avoiding the Biggest Mistake of Your Life

By: Anne Milford and Jennifer Gauvain, MSW, LCSW 
Publisher: Cold Feet Press 
Publication Date: 2009 
ISBN: 978-0615274195 
Reviewed by: Lauren E. Victor 
Review Date: September 2009 

Your prescription for avoiding an impending bad marriage definitely includes How to Marry the Wrong Guy.Anne Milford and Jennifer Gauvain have collaborated on a self-help book that provides therapy for the newly engaged or soon-to-be married. Divided into four sections, this guide counsels you through possible scenarios, words of wisdom from women who have been in your shoes, and solid advice that you would otherwise pay a therapist for over multiple sessions.

How to Marry the Wrong Guy offers a realistic take on the pressures women, and even men, face in today’s world. There are so many reasons to get married (i.e. you are the last single friend standing, you need someone to support your spending habits, you want to reproduce, or maybe you’re truly in love) and this guide is sensitive to the needs of the soon-to-be married who find themselves in a situation where their impending marriage is full of red flags. Red flags they want to ignore, that is. Do not ignore these red flags! Pick up this book, and allow Milford and Gauvain to walk you through an in-depth gut check and through your future—after all, it’s much better to call off the wedding now, than deal with a possibly horrific, costly and complicated divorce that involves progeny.

Milford and Gauvain are compassionate, rational and constructive. They have compiled dozens of women’s experiences, including those who have called off their engagement and those who have knowingly entered a marriage that was not right for them. This guide offers loads of questions and advice to ensure that you only end up walking down that aisle towards a bright future. If you, a friend or a family member are possibly on a rocky road, pick up this book or give it to your friend, just to double check and make sure you are entering a satisfying commitment. Until that wedding date, it’s never too late to call off a potentially life-altering mistake, and Milford and Gauvain are here to help give you the courage and tools to make the best choice for yourself.

Quill Says: Accessible therapy for the bride-to-be with cold feet.

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