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Advertising Now. TV Commercials

Advertising Now. TV Commercials

Edited By: Julius Wiedemann 
Publisher: Taschen 
Publication Date: June 2009 
ISBN: 978-3-8228-4029-0 
Reviewed by: Bill Alberts 
Review Date: August 2009 

You’ve just sat down to watch your favorite television show. After just five minutes, the show is interrupted by a commercial break. Getting up from your chair, you ponder what might be waiting for you in the refrigerator. But wait! That commercial just might be one of the most effective ads ever made. It could be one featured in the comprehensive new book Advertising Now. TV Commercials.

There are nine chapters in Advertising Now. TV Commercials, covering the various genres that advertising promotes, from “Health and Beauty” to “Sports & Apparel” and “Technology & Equipment.” Within each chapter, there is page after page of the “best contemporary examples…” of “inventive commercials” from around the world. There are several photos (screenshots) per commercial, with text at the top of the page listing the credits (title, client, product, agency, creative director, etc.). Before each chapter there is a short essay giving a brief bio of the industry expert(s) who chose the “best of the best” for that chapter, followed by their thoughts on how they made their selections. It was quite interesting to read their opinions, particularly their feelings on the role that the internet and technology has played in today’s commercials.

Included with the book is a very easy to navigate (and fun to watch!) DVD that showcases several commercials from each category featured within the book. It is quite helpful to see the commercials played live.

Quill says: A very informative and useful guide for those interested in the advertising industry.

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