Interview with a Reviewer

These interviews are tailored to a specific author and/or book. The questions for these interviews are written by the reviewer who reads/reviews the book and then works up original questions which makes for a very interesting interview. Authors frequently comment about how on-target our questions are for their book. Because the book needs to be read in order for the reviewer to come up with probing questions, Interview-A is only available for authors who purchase one of our promotional packages. This interview is included with the Spotlight promotional package and can also be added on to the other promotional packages (we suggest doing it when you purchase your promotional package rather than waiting until after the review is posted so the reviewer can work up questions as she/he reads the book). If you are interested in either a Featured or Standard promotional service, please contact us at for further information on how to get your interview. We will include an Amazon widget to your book’s/ebook’s page, as well as other links to other purchase sites as requested. 

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