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Monthly Book Giveaway Winners


January 2023 – Maisy Spence-Sharpe of Spokane Valley, WA
wins a copy of Effective Emails

December 2022 – Bailey Young of Mansfield, OH
wins a copy of Pirates Don’t Dance

November 2022 – Johannah Brookwell of Clifton, VA
wins a copy of A Christmas With Auntie

October 2022 – Greicy Mencia of Philadelphia, PA
wins a copy of A Parliament of Owls

August 2022 – Jeff North of San Diego, CA
wins a copy of No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here

July 2022 – Judy Winston of Albany, NY
wins a copy of Dachshund Through The Snow

June 2022 – Quinn Merriam of Watertown, SD
wins a copy of Mushroom Rain

May 2022 – Carol Grommon of Cedar Rapids, IA
wins a copy of Hello, Baby!

April 2022 – Cindy Argendeli of Lawrenceville, GA
wins a copy of The Big Day

March 2022 – Stacie Kennedy of Hartford, CT
wins a copy of The Morgan Horse Coloring Book

February 2022 – Brittany Gilley of Arden, NC
wins a copy of Headstrong Hallie!

January 2022 – Robert Lofthouse of Kansas City, KS
wins a copy of Headstrong Hallie!




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